Why work with an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC)?
According to the NACAC Student-to-Counselor Ratio Report, Colorado schools in the 2014-2015 school year (most recent data available) had a ratio of 1 counselor to 383 students. Additionally, these counselors do not solely provide college and academic advice. While these counselors are vital to helping students in schools, they often do not have the time to give the necessary guidance to students during the college search. Independent Educational Consultants allow for individualized attention and more in-depth planning.

When should a student begin working with an IEC?
We begin accepting students in the spring of their 8th grade year to assist in course and extracurricular planning.  We accept clients at any point in the college search process, however, as well as students who are in college and wish to transfer to another institution.  Our advising becomes more focused and thorough the older a student is due to the nature of school search, application review, and decision making. 

What is your philosophy on the college search process?
While we believe that finding the right college is an incredibly important decision, we do not want that to be the sole focus of the high school years. Colleges are looking for well-rounded, dedicated students who have demonstrated involvement and are active participants in their high school experience. As such, our focus is to offer efficient and timely advice to allow our students to maintain balance in the process. Our goal is to work with our families to provide the best outcome for our students, while still giving them the opportunity to simply be high school students. 

Can you guarantee admission to any schools?
No. No one can guarantee a student admission to a college. While we cannot ensure you will be admitted to the school of your choice, we can confidently assist you in applying to the schools that are the best fit for your interests, experience, and background. IECs take many factors into account during the advising process from academics to involvement to school fit. 

I have high financial need, do you have scholarship services for low-income families?
We believe that all students, regardless of need, should have the opportunity to receive strong college guidance. Please do not hesitate to reach out via our contact form for more information on our packages and pricing as well as our reduced-fee advising program for students with demonstrated need.